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Facility Name: 


Street Address:
2755 Hwy 62
Hazelton BC, V0J 1Y1

Facility Manager:
Clarence Martin
General Manager
(Upper Skeena)
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours of Operation: Still TBD at this time 

Phone: (250) 842-6662


User Fees and Rates:

Our Facility:
To provide a safe, creative and welcoming place for all people of the Upper Skeena to gather regardless of age or background; and to address the educational, health and social needs of our communities, utilizing the platform of wellness, recreation and sport as a catalyst for dialogue, hope and action.    The Upper Skeena Recreation Centre will be the physical and emotional Heart of the Hazeltons. It will be the centre of activity; appealing, inviting and accessible to all residents of the regional community, as well as guests and visitors, contributing to their physical and mental health, education and economic well-being. As the Heart of the Hazeltons, it will be the catalyst for collaboration among all peoples.
Insurance:  Users wishing to rent the facility can purchase insurance through the portal link. 
Facility Insurance Portal


6875 RECEX Dominique Announcement

Vision & Mission

The Vision

Nda dim wila guxws aatakhl’wm ahl wila jaxjokhl gyat ahl nagwit? Hlook linidimxsdit iit jap diit dim wila dildils diit. Na hlimoomst’ nidiit iit siwilaaksin diit sisuusit.
Neediit liksgyadin diit ligit naa. Needi angwigoodiit ahl angigitxw diit. Nit tun dim t’kalxootxwdim. Gwi sgi dim wilim dimii dip guxws wahl am hlaka’phl wila siilimxsihl gyat gaa hlgi diit ahl nagwit. Mahla ki’yhl galts’ap dim ant tk’alxootxwis sun. Hla sgi dim dip sityeewihl wila loo’um ahl k’aylimsiit. Hla akhl wilimsuu...

Nis wi dï zhil, ts’e’in gën Yinta, Ts’iyenï tabi honzu dinï hitaiïlh ts’eyeytsic hibi’it’en hibï yïst’iy, tla hibï bïnï tabï honzu hibï be wi tëlilh.

The vision is a region where all citizens lead active lives, engaged in meaningful, accessible and culturally responsive recreation, as well as arts and leisure experiences that create a sense of belonging, a feeling of well-being and a spirit of community volunteerism that results in a positive quality of life for every individual and family.

The Mission

Helt da’akwihl gaa hahla’lsiit go’ohl Upper Skeena Recreation Centre dim wil diit dim six hlamoom diit ka’ylimxsiit dim wila huxwgigyatxwhl ga t’kalx’oodiit ganhl wila loohl gadildils diit. ‘Nakw dim wil sityeewxs hehl gagoodit. Nda wilt gya’ahl gyat gwihl am mit ii hoodi hasak diit loot’....

Upper Skeena Recreation Centre, hibe’ ‘it’ën, gen yin cit gen witiynï we’atit dzilh, ts’e’in hibi be niwtal ts’ilh.

The mission of the Upper Skeena Recreation Centre is to use public recreation services as a vehicle in achieving positive social and health outcomes in the region, where the achievement of such outcomes results in indirect benefits to all residents.

Translations and writing by Sadie Harris, Violet Gellenbeck and Lillian Morris.

Statement of Objectives

As obtained from the USRC Recreation Plan

  • Provide skating opportunities for about 26 to 30 weeks per year (at least), including learn-to-skate programs, public and family recreational skating, special events and tournaments, figure skating and hockey at all levels;
  • Provide other ice based activity including such things as introduction to curling, ball hockey, broom ball, shinny and ringette;
  • Provide a wide variety of dry floor activities on the arena floor when the ice is not provided – such as roller blading, lacrosse, futsal (indoor soccer) and large special events, trade shows and social gatherings;
  • Offer a variety of instructional programs in various sports, cultural activities, crafts, music, arts, educational areas;
  • Accommodate a wide variety of indoor sports in the gymnasium such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and gymnastics;
  • Provide a safe and welcoming place for residents to drop in and socialize (like a coffee house) even if they aren’t involved in any of the above activities, but just want to watch or meet others; and,
  • Provide fitness and wellness opportunities on a drop in basis, a program basis
    or a rental basis for personal trainers and their clients or members of the general public.

In addition to providing activities within the Recreation Centre, it will extend services outside its walls and provide regional coordinating function and support services in the following areas:

  • Information about recreation opportunities in the region and how to access them (e.g., trail maps);
  • Leadership training clinics and services (e.g., coaching and officials training in partnership with regional, provincial and national organizations);
  • Coordination of volunteer efforts on major regional projects (e.g., sports leagues, inter-community special events and bringing expertise into the region); and,
  • Coordination of existing and augmented transportation services so that people access the opportunities that already exist and will be added through the new Centre.


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